Residential curbside collection and commercial pickup is available throughout Jefferson County. Call for rates, schedules, and to sign up for service:

  • Within Port Townsend City limits:  Olympic Disposal, 360-385-6612. Residential and commercial garbage service is required. Learn more here
  • Unincorporated Jefferson County – East: Olympic Disposal, 360-385-6612.
  • Unincorporated Jefferson County – West: West Waste & Recycling, 360-374-5020.


Self-Haul Disposal Jefferson County
Please be aware that you must be able to unload your garbage, recycling, or yard waste by yourself. At the Transfer Station, you must be able to back up your vehicle/trailer to the tipping floor to unload your garbage.

What is Accepted For Garbage Disposal?

Residential and commercial solid waste (generated in Jefferson County, WA), including refrigerators and other appliances, EXCEPT for the following:

  • Hazardous Waste – Household or Business  visit our Hazardous Waste webpage for disposal information.
  • Asbestos and asbestos containing waste (3-tab roofing is accepted)
  • Free liquids – must be solidified and non-hazardous


Waste Requiring Special Treatment

  • Residential “sharps” must be in puncture resistant containers with tight fitting lids secured with tape and marked “SHARPS: Do Not Recycle,” and kept separate from other trash.  Sharps collection boxes are located at the Transfer Station and Quilcene Drop Box facility.  View our flyer or visit our Hazardous Waste page for more info.  Medical and veterinary hospitals and clinics should contract with a commercial disposal company
  • Lumber and poles must be less than 10 ft long. Lumber treated with creosote or other wood preservative is accepted unless it is brought in by a business that is a manufacturer or supplier of creosote.
  • Used Oil, Spent Antifreeze, Rechargeable Batteries, and Fluorescent Light Bulbs/Tubes can be recycled at the Environmental Centers at the Transfer Station and Quilcene Drop Box Site at no charge.


Transfer Station

Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste

325 County Landfill Rd
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Tuesday – Saturday
9 am – 4:30 pm
Tues. are busiest. Thurs. & Fri. have shortest wait times.
(closed holidays – see list)

  • Disposal fees by weight. Minimum charge: $20.
  • Cash, check, or credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover only) accepted.
  • No-fee Recycling.
  • Questions? call 360-385-9160
  • Please be aware that you must be able to unload by yourself, and be able to back up your vehicle/trailer to the tipping floor if you have garbage.
  • Tuesdays are our busiest day. Thursdays and Fridays usually have the shortest wait times.


Quilcene Solid Waste
Drop Box

Household Garbage and Recycling.
NO yard waste or construction materials (lumber, roofing, etc.)

295312 Highway 101
Quilcene, WA 98376

9 am – 12 pm & 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
(closed holidays – see list)

  • Disposal fees by container, loose volume, or special rate for bulky items.
  • Only cash or check accepted. NO CREDIT/DEBIT cards.
  • No-fee Recycling.
  • Questions? call 360-385-9160. Quilcene Drop Box Office: 360-765-3051
  • Please be aware that you must be able to unload by yourself.


West Waste & Recyling Transfer Station

272 La Push Road
Forks, WA 98331

360-374-5020 or 360-374-9544 for business hours and fees

2024 County Holidays

Our Solid Waste Facilities are closed to the public on Mondays, so only holidays obeserved on normal operating days are listed below.

  • Juneteenth – Wednesday, June 19
  • Independence Day – Thursday, July 4
  • Thanksgiving – Thursday & Friday, November 28 & 29
  • Christmas Day – Wednesday, December 25