Where and how do I report a hazardous waste spill?

For emergency situations, call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 360-385-3831 or 1-800-552-0750, and follow the directions. You may also call 911 to report an emergency. Visit Jefferson County Emergency Management Division for info on Hazard Mitigation.

What do I do with non-alkaline batteries and contaminated gas?

Visit the Hazardous Waste page for where and when to dispose of auto and marine batteries, rechargeable Ni Cad and NiMH dry cell batteries, and old or contaminated gasoline. Alkaline batteries can be thrown in the trash if fully discharged. If not full discharged, cover button end with tape or place each battery in plastic bag before throwing in the trash.

What do I do with fluorescent light bulbs and tubes?

Fluorescent light tubes, compact fluorescent bulbs, tanning lamps and some HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps contain mercury vapor and cannot be legally disposed of with regular trash.  Up to 10 mercury containing lights per person or business per day are accepted at:

Businesses (Conditionally Exempted Small Quantity Generators) needing to dispose of intact mercury-containing lights should visit the Hazardous Waste page for where and when to dispose of these.