Public Survey

Jefferson County Public Works is planning for ways to deliver solid waste and recycling services cost-effectively to all of the East Jefferson County community for the next 40 years. The main solid waste and recycling facility located near Port Townsend has these serious challenges :

  • Population growth is projected to continue to increase, leading to more waste and recyclables to manage.
  • The capacity of the existing facility to handle increased amounts of materials and more facility users has been exceeded which is causing longer wait times, and
  • Aging buildings and equipment are becoming more expensive to maintain.

The County has convened a group of industry experts and community members called the Solid Waste Facilities Task Force (Task Force) to work with an outside consultant, VIKEK Environmental Engineers, LLC and Public Works staff. The Task Force’s goal is to identify the best options for how to address these challenges. This team is meeting regularly through 2023 and will develop recommendations for the Board of County Commissioners to consider in early 2024. The team is committed to developing recommendations that reflect the community’s needs and desires and ensure the County continues to provide efficient, equitable, sustainable, and economical solid waste and recycling services.

The County and the facilities planning team want to be sure to consider all community concerns, hopes, and ideas as it does its work. A project website (solid waste facility replacement project) provides much more information about the project. The County will use the website to share progress and to ask for feedback. Community meetings will occur later in the spring or summer to share alternatives and the factors being considered to help assess different alternatives.

For this survey, the County and the facilities planning team are interested in your thoughts about the current solid waste facilities near Port Townsend and in Quilcene. What is important to you, what concerns do you have, and what would you like to see stay the same, changed or added to the facilities?

Thank you for your time.

Please visit solid waste facility replacement project for more details and to learn about upcoming community meetings.

The survey is now closed. Stay tuned for future surveys and meetings.