Recycling Now in Jefferson County

WELCOMED NEWS is that Jefferson County does not need to change its recycle list to adjust for global market disruptions, so far.  KEEPING IT CLEAN is the No.1 thing that will help keep our recyclables marketable.

What can concerned citizens do?

  • Closely follow the 2018 Recycle Brochure 09-10  to help keep our recyclables competitive.  When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Don’t be a WISHCYCLER, or someone who thinks that non-listed packaging placed in the bin somehow gets recycled.  Non-listed packaging decreases the value of other recyclables and still ends up in a landfill.
  • Reduce waste.  Avoid single-use packaging, remove your name from junk mail lists.
  • Reduce contamination.  Place empty, clean and dry items in the proper bin. Liquids, food, and cross contamination reduces recyclability.
  • Watch for and follow recycle brochure updates.
  • Be patient.  Recycle markets will adjust for a couple of years as new processing facilities are developed and new markets are established.