Recycling Now in Jefferson County

WELCOMED NEWS is that amidst global market disruptions, Jefferson County does not need to change its Recycle List– so far.  KEEPING IT CLEAN is the No. 1 thing that will keep our recyclables rolling.

Don’t be a WISHCYCLER, or someone who thinks that non-listed packaging placed in the bin somehow gets recycled.  Rather, non-listed plastic and other packagings end up in a landfill, but not before decreasing the value of packaging that IS recycled.

Please closely follow the County recycling brochure to assure that our recyclables are recycled.

July 26th Special Solid Waste Advisory Committee Meeting – Continued Discussion of Possible Changes to Recycling in Jefferson County.  On July 26, 2018, the SWAC will hold their regularly scheduled meeting at the Tri-Area Community Center, 10 W. Valley Rd., Chimacum, at 3 pm.  This meeting will continue the discussions from the June 28th meeting, and provide updates on market conditions and projected local impacts.  All SWAC meetings are open to the public.

June 28th Special Solid Waste Advisory Committee Meeting – Possible Changes to Recycling Program in Jefferson County.   On June 28, 2018 the Jefferson County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) held a special meeting to discuss possible changes to Jefferson County’s recycling program.  Recent closure of markets in China for certain recyclable materials had resulted in stockpiles approaching storage capacity. Public comments were received and options were discussed for how to best address the effects of the situation on the County’s recycling program.

What can concerned citizens do?

  • Reduce waste.  E.g., avoid single-use plastic packaging, remove your name from junk mail lists.
  • Stick to the recycling list, and when in doubt, throw it out.  Don’t be a wishful or aspirational recycler.
  • Reduce contamination by placing clean, dry items in the proper bin. Liquids, food, and cross contamination reduce materials recyclability.
  • Be patient.  Recycle markets will adjust for a couple of years as new processing facilities are developed and new markets are established.