2020 Recycle Flyer Find out what can and cannot be recycled, and where to drop-off recyclables.

Safeway Styrofoam Collection Event – Sat., February 13, 2021 – A small group of Port Townsend residents is working with Safeway to add its Port Townsend store to the Safeway Styrofoam recycling program. The local group, Port Townsend StyroCyclers, is asking residents to set aside clean and dry Styrofoam materials for delivery to the Safeway parking lot on February 13, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Pieces may be broken down to conserve space. Consider collecting pieces in paper yard bags instead of plastic. No packaging peanuts will be collected; contact local mailing vendors to see if they are accepting peanuts when you have them. No water-logged Styrofoam will be accepted; dispose of it with landfill garbage. Please spread the word. For more information and to volunteer at Safeway on February 13, email the PTStyroCyclers.

Recycling videos  Get answers to common recycling questions and learn about contaminants.

Blue is Recycling, Red is Garbage
(by Commissioner Brotherton and Tracy & David Grisman.) 

Do you know what to recycle?
(by Commissioner Brotherton and Laura Tucker, Jefferson County Environmental Educator)

Where does our recycling go?

Residential Curbside Recycling

Workplace Recycling

Olympic Disposal’s commercial garbage customers within the City of Port Townsend receive recycling services at no extra charge.  Contact Olympic Disposal at 360-385-6612 or 1-800-422-7854.

Other Recycling Info