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Are you a “WishCycler”?  Check out the Sample Boards at recycle drop off locations (Oct 2018), and help keep our recyclables, well, recyclable.


ARE YOU RECYCLING AT WORK??  Olympic Disposal’s commercial garbage customers within the City of Port Townsend receive recycling services at no extra charge.  Contact Olympic Disposal at 385-6612, 800-422-7854 or


DID YOU KNOW? Curbside recycling convenience is available in unincorporated areas of east Jefferson County.  Contact Olympic Disposal,  800-422-7854 or 

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Press Release – China’s ban on scrap plastics imports may have local effect, October 17, 2017

China’s ban on the import of post-consumer plastics and mixed paper is affecting markets for recycled plastics at the industry level across the region and around the world. China has been a destination market for recycled plastics and mixed paper for the last 20 years with over 550,000 tons of plastic being exported from the U.S., Canada and Europe to China annually in recent years. But with the ban scheduled to begin January 1st, 2018 industry is scrambling to quickly find new destination markets for our plastics and mixed paper recyclables. “In Jefferson County, we are pleased to report that our recycling program is collecting all our designated recyclable materials at this time and residents can continue to recycle as usual,” said Tom Boatman, Jefferson County Solid Waste Manager.

Skookum Contracting Services Jefferson County Manager Alysa Russell is responsible for maintaining the flow of recovered recyclables reports, “Card board, glass and aluminum are not affected and mixed paper markets appear to be stable for Jefferson County only because our mixed paper has unusually low contamination.”  Hats off to residents for making a difference with clean recycling!

Recycling industry representatives in Washington State are wary that there is a potential log-jam of plastics in the short run as U.S. recycling processors have had to adjust too quickly to alternative destination markets. “State officials are reporting that most recycled plastics markets in the long run should not be affected by the China ban.” Tom Boatman reported on Friday and that “for Jefferson County there is some uncertainty remaining for some of the rigid plastics accepted by our recycling program, about 5%, but there are no changes to report at this time. If there are any changes to recycling, Jefferson County solid waste will be sure to announce to all residents in Jefferson County any changes to our recycling program before they occur.”

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