Recycle Brochure for Curbside Collection and Recycle locations.

2019 City of PT Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste Pick-up Schedule

Moving it On 2019 Local resources for usable items.

Are you a “WishCycler”?  Contamination reduces marketability of recovered recyclables.  So, ‘When in doubt, throw it out.”  See common contaminants.

Recycle Plastic Bags and Wraps at local grocers.

Recycling at Work?
Olympic Disposal’s commercial garbage customers within the City of Port Townsend receive recycling services at no extra charge.  Contact Olympic Disposal at 385-6612, 800-422-7854 or

Did You Know? Curbside recycling service is available in unincorporated areas of east Jefferson County.  Contact Olympic Disposal,  800-422-7854 or