Paint Disposal: Oil-Based and Latex

Oil-based paints and solvents – This includes paints, stains, solvents, roof tars, automotive grease, putty and caulks with combustible or flammable label warnings.  These are considered Hazardous Waste.  Fees apply to eligible businesses.

Paint Recycling – The Department of Ecology has contracted with the organization PaintCare to establish collection points for unused oil-based and latex paints where those products are sold. The program was launched on April 1st with a single collection point in at Peninsula Paint Center located at 315 Decatur St., Port Townsend.

The PaintCare program is independent of Jefferson County’s Moderate Risk Waste Program which will continue to collect oil-based paints only at the Moderate Risk Waste Facility located in the Port of Port Townsend Boat Haven.

For questions about the PaintCare program or to find a retail collection point please visit: or phone (360) 450-1639.

Latex paint can be disposed of in the garbage once it is thickened to a non-pourable consistency. See Tips on Latex Paint. This can include water-borne stains and sealants with instructions to clean with ‘soap and water’.  Watch King County’s brief video linked on this page.

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