Illegal Dumping

Information on illegal dumping is available at the Jefferson County Public Health’s Illegal Dumping webpage.


How to Prevent Illegal Dumping

• Conduct business with companies properly permitted and licensed to handle materials. Some for-hire companies advertising waste or junk hauling services are not properly permitted. Call Jefferson County Public Health at 360-385-9444 for permitted facilities.
• Ask the business where they intend to recycle or dispose of materials.
• Be suspicious of unusually low disposal prices. This can indicate your waste will be illegally dumped. Pay only one-half of the hauling, disposal, and recycling fees up-front and the remainder of the cost after you receive a receipt from a legitimate recycler or disposal site operator. If someone you hire hauls away materials and then dumps them illegally, you may be liable for both cleanup and disposal costs.
• Take preventative measures to restrict easy access to your property such as installing gates or berms. Post “No Dumping” signs on access points to your property. A property owner is ultimately responsible for their property.
• If you suspect someone is improperly disposing of materials, file a complaint with Jefferson County Public Health (360-385-9444.)  Public Health does not take anonymous complaints however confidential complaints are accepted.

Contact Jefferson County Public Health with questions or concerns:

615 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368