Green Business

Jefferson County’s Green Business program is coordinated by the Department of Public Health.  It assists businesses to develop cost-effective “green” solutions in order to prevent waste and pollution, and to conserve valuable resources. This program provides free technical assistance to businesses aimed at improving existing practices.

Green Business is a voluntary program that gives recognition to businesses that are working to reduce waste, recycle and otherwise conduct business in an environmentally conscious manner. They often display the Green Business logo in their windows.

Why should my business get certified as a Green Business?

  • Saving energy, water and raw materials saves you money. Sending less trash to the Transfer Station saves you money.
  • Developing a positive, proactive relationship with compliance inspectors can help you avoid liability, fines and other sanctions.
  • The program promotes Green Businesses to the public and other businesses, at no cost.
  • Your company’s community image is enhanced through Green Business certification.
  • Your employees will enjoy a safer workplace and will have one more reason to take pride in working for you.

The Green Business Program offers free, convenient, time-saving assistance.

Do I get credit for the good things I’m already doing?
Yes! In fact, your company may already qualify. These Standards are designed to fit most businesses, but if certain measures are not applicable or feasible for your facility and operations, you may request an exemption or demonstrate alternative measures.

Do I have to do everything on the checklist to become a Green Business?
No, there are many ways to qualify. You must meet the minimum standards in each category. Beyond that, you may use the checklist to identify the next steps to becoming even greener.

How do I get started?
Checklists are available online or by contacting Laura Tucker, Green Business Coordinator, at (360) 379-4491, to request a checklist or with any questions.

Is there a fee to be certified as a Green Business?
No, Green Business certification is at no cost.

How is Green Business certification different from EnviroStar certification?
Any business that meets the requirements can be recognized as a Green Business.  Industries such as auto shops, dentists, dry cleaners, and print shops that produce hazardous waste are eligible for the EnviroStar certification.

The Green Business project in Jefferson County is funded by a grant from Washington State Department of Ecology.