Contaminated Clothing and Rags

Clothing that is contaminated with pesticides and solvents must be handled carefully as these pesticides can be absorbed through the skin and will produce a health hazard.
• Never wash contaminated clothing with other laundry as residues can be transferred from contaminated clothing to other clothing.
• Never store contaminated clothing or rags indoors because they can spontaneously start a fire.

Materials Needed:
• Protective gloves, or
• Chemical resistant gloves, or those recommended on the product label.

Procedures for cleaning light to moderate pesticide contaminated clothing or solvent covered clothing:
• Rinse clothing in a washing machine pre-soak.
• Wash only articles contaminated by the same solvent or pesticide together.
• Use hot water to launder, set water level to “large,” and use the normal wash cycle on the machine.
• Wash the load two or three times.
• Line-dry the clothing to avoid contaminating the dryer. Placing clothing contaminated with flammables in the dryer may cause a fire.
• Rinse the machine thoroughly after washing contaminated clothing.

If the articles of clothing are completely saturated with contaminates, check with your local Hazardous Waste Technician for the appropriate steps to take when disposing of such materials. Please call Jefferson County’s Moderate Risk Waste Coordinator at 360-385-9160.