Yard Waste/Compost

Check out the Yard Waste/Compost links to find information about alternatives to the disposal of yard debris. You will save money and help the local environment.


By some estimates, over 30% of the “waste” that is disposed of as garbage is actually organic material that could be recycled through composting and through other techniques that have a much better use than sitting in a landfill.

Port Townsend residents can subscribe to curb-side yard waste collection and all Jefferson County residents can take yard waste to the City of Port Townsend’s Compost Facility at the County’s Transfer Station.

Yard Waste Pickup

Curbside yard waste collection is available year-round to residences served by DM Disposal in the City of Port Townsend.  You can get a curbside collection schedule from DM Disposal at 360-385-6612, at the City’s website at or by calling the City’s Utility Billing office,  250 Madison St., Port Townsend, at 360-379-4409.

The maximum amount per pickup is three “units” in any combination. One “unit” is any of the following containers:

  • A 34-gallon or smaller container with “Yard Waste” painted in 3-inch letters on the container in two locations and on the lid.
  • A biodegradable paper bag designed for yard waste. Bags are sold locally at hardware stores.
  • A tied bundle of limbs and branches no longer than 4 ft., no wider than 2 ft. across, and no more than 40 pounds in weight.
  • An open  3 mil or heavier plastic bag marked as a “Yard Waste” container is acceptable but not preferred. The bag will not be returned.
  • Christmas trees cut in half are accepted. Trees with flocking or tinsel cannot be composted and will be charged extra as garbage.

When you set out your yard waste containers, make sure that they are clearly marked or you may be charged for an extra garbage container. Yard waste collection is included in your utility bill.


All County residents can take yard waste to the City’s Biosolids/Composting Facility. Let the scale attendant at the Transfer Station know you have yard waste.  The attendant will weigh your load. Drive about a block to the yard waste dumping area, empty the container(s), take them with you and return to the Scale Shack.  If you have garbage in the same load, the attendant will direct you to cross the scales again and dispose of the garbage.

The cost for yard waste is $5.00 for up to 200 pounds. For loads in excess of 200 lbs., the pro-rated cost is based on $48.00 per ton.  Contact the City of Port Townsend Biosolids/Compost Facility at 360-385-7908 for additional information.

For additional information about yard waste collection program availability in the County, call DM Disposal at 360-385-6612.