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Rechargeable: Ni-Cd, Nickel metal hydride, Lithium-Ion, sealed or wet-cell lead acid including lithium disposables. Risk of fire, cover positive terminal with tape, or place each battery in a separate plastic bag. Disposal – Household Hazardous Waste Facility,  Lobby of Public Works or Environmental Health.

Alkaline:  Risk of fire unless completely discharged. Cover positive terminal with tape, or place each battery in a separate plastic bag.  Place in regular trash.

Automotive:  Auto parts stores recycle for free or offer cash or credit. Accepted at Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Button Cell: Alkaline hearing aid batteries can go in trash. Other button cell batteries should be taken to Household Hazardous Waste Facility.


Call WA State Patrol in Bremerton 360-473-0300 to make arrangements for disposal.


Recycle at Transfer Station, Quilcene Solid Waste Drop Box, or Household Hazardous Waste Facility (see Locations & Hours on sidebar to right.)


Refrigerating Appliances (including ammonia refrigerant):  Disposal at Transfer Station $20.00 environmental fee in addition to charge for weight of item. Quilcene Facility charges just a $30.75 flat fee (Jan 2015)
Around Again (Sequim) accepts 70% metal non-working appliances 360-461-2468


Jefferson County does not accept asbestos-containing materials at this time.
Demolition Permits 1) Community Development (DCD) 379-4450; 2) Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) 800-422-5623. Disposal: 1)Olympic View Transfer Station – Kitsap Co. 360-674-2297; 2) Clallam County –Waste Connections Inc. 800-422-7854.
Contact these organizations for current application forms, instructions and rates.

Food Waste

Home composters are helping to solve our garbage disposal problems by reducing the volume of solid waste needing to be landfilled. This brochure explains composting and includes simple directions for constructing your home composting center. This brochure also describes the composting at Port Townsend’s Bio-solids Composting Facility and answers some frequently asked questions about the city’s operation.


Freecycle is a worldwide movement dedicated to recycling useful items within communities.

Garbage Disposal Locations

Learn about where the different garbage services are located.

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