Electronics Recycling

Electronic equipment is full of toxic chemicals. These materials are not a risk to the user but can be an environmental risk when disposed of improperly.

Washington’s free, convenient and environmentally responsible electronics recycling program has been operational since January 1, 2009. Products accepted at E-Cycle Washington drop-off sites are computers, monitors, laptops, tablet computers, televisions, portable DVD players and e-readers. E-Cycle sites in East Jefferson County are the Skookum Recycling Center, located at the County Transfer Station, and Goodwill Industries at 602 Howard Street, Port Townsend, 98368.

Jefferson County is following regional and national efforts to encourage computer and television manufacturers to:

  • Design products that are more easily recycled
  • Design products that last longer, with replaceable parts
  • Take back products for rebuilding or recycling
  • Develop environmentally sound products and develop recycling programs
  • Include the costs of these practices in the product price to be paid by the consumer

In additon to the E-Cycle sites mentioned above, residents of Jefferson County have these options for computers:

Computer donation options.

Other web sites that may be of interest to concerned consumers include the following: